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I let a couple domains lapse this winter.   Part of me was more than willing to let them go since I haven’t done anything with them for years.  But now I regret it because they represent things I could have done.

I’m generally past the “oh the things I could have done!” feeling since I’ve done a lot and have got some neat tales to tell.  But every now and again the potential/loss dichotomy rears its ugly head.  if there’s one thing that prevents me from finding my own personal zen, it’s got to be this feeling of not being satisfied with my deeds.

A few years ago, i had taken a short trip with some friends.  We were driving home and had been on the road for a couple hours.;  the night was beginning to settle in on the highway and we had become stircrazy from the travel hours and hours ago.   To pass the time, some one decided to play quiz-games, the kind where you ask everyone in the car a question and discuss the results.  You’ve played these games before.  What’s your favourite movie?  Where do you want to travel?   What’s your favourite season?    Some one asked a big question, though, something out of the ordinary.   What do you want to be if you could be anything else?   I said, “poet.”


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March 13, 2011 at 8:28 am

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Austerity Measures Act, 2011

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Today, the Irons Government introduced the Austerity Measures 2011 Act to the House.  Opposition members grimly accepted that deep cuts were necessary to all ministries and their services if the Treasury were to sustain this fiscal crisis.  Meanwhile, outside the Houses of Parliament, students revolted in the street.  All the way to Whitehall, Bobbys had to bludgeon the protesters to maintain some semblance of order.


For BBC News, this is Alistair Cookie, reporting.

Written by Michael Steeleworthy

December 11, 2010 at 12:45 pm

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