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i’m thinking of getting in touch with some recruiters this week.   please don’t get the wrong thought about the workplace because of this statement – for the most post i like my current job and the people i work with (however lonely the office can be at times).   but the economic climate worries me.  halifax is a government town, and the cash crunch that hit the private sector for the past two years is going to hit the public sector this year and next now that the public spending tap has been closed.  my job is not permanent.  it’s contract.  and though the people i work with like me and seem to like the work i do, i need to make sure i’m don’t leave myself hung out to dry, so to speak.  (wow, a reflexive use of an idiom.)

so i’m thinking about recruiters since it gives me a chance to compile a dossier (check – this has been up to date for two years now) and then hand it overs to others.  i’m not interested into scanning job ads every single day of the week right now – not until we’re much closer to the end of my contract  -but if i can convince some recruiters that i’m worth my salt, then maybe something may come of it between now and then…  who knows.  etc etc.


Written by mitchellirons

September 19, 2010 at 9:37 am

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