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My country tis of thee?

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I’m not American.  I have American cousins and American friends; my in-laws also live in the States.  One of my closest friends carries an American passport, as does his child. My life is saturated with American culture. But, I’m not American.

Sometimes I feel like have a maligned insider/outsider view of the USA, though.  I’ve lived close enough to its border that the nation and its policies often loomed large in my life.  On account of this, as well as my left-of-centre politics, I was pleased-as-punch to celebrate with others the narrow passing of the Health Care Reform bill. On to the Senate!  Justice for all!

But, but..  but..   But what about the abortion exclusion?  That abortions won’t be funded? That there will be restrictions on an individual’s ability to find even private insurance to cover abortions?  That the Speaker of the House had to offer a woman’s inherent sovereignty over,  authority of, and right to make decisions regarding her person as a price to convince many Representative to vote in favour of the bill?

Some one on the internet reminded me that this is how things are already (more or less) in the United States so we can’t expect such a big change on the abortion issue.  That it would be better to wait for a Supreme Court challenge on this instead.  To a certain degree, I see her point.  But that doesn’t make it any better.  Health Care Reform?  yes, but only if we maintain this troubling anti-rights cultural provision.

Why do i call it anti-rights?  Because to be anti-women’s-rights is to be against human-rights.  It is to be willing to exclude one’s own right to make decisions about his person from others. To not share the rights one has with others is to impose and maintain a hierarchy of powers, if not live in a moral vacuum.

My country tis of thee? Not if you’re a woman.


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November 9, 2009 at 8:31 am

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