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i’m applying for work all over this great, loyal dominion of ours right now.  some of those positions are in places that can be far colder than it is where we live now.  normally, i’m okay with that – after so many decades dealing with ridiculous wind chills, i can kinda-deal with the way that three months of the year is as cold as one of the deeper circles of dante’s hell.  not that living in canada is like living in hell.  at least not for the other nine months of the year.

but anyway, like i said, i can kinda-deal with the idea of living in places where the cold is That Much colder than it is now.  that is, i can deal with the idea until my family who live in much further south than us e-mail me pictures like this:


that, friends, is a baby roadrunner hanging out on their back porch.  And sun.  lots and lots and lots of sun.  and warmth.  that’s the kind of sun (and warmth) that almost makes me want to put up with (1) lack of state-sponsored health care, (2) religious crazies, (2) anti-women’s rights nut-jobs, and (3)anti-gay, human-rights bigots.

perhaps i could move there, enjoy the warmth and sun, and in the mean time affect positive change on those fronts from the inside.

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October 25, 2009 at 10:19 am

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