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i’m helping a friend reinvent the wheel by shifting her online magainze to a new cms, and i’m having a bit of fun by it.  i’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge about cms’s like MT, WP, and Drupal over the past few years, and I’m still a little surprised when i find myself able to hack out a little bit of code to push along the elements that are needed in a certain moment.  and i’m also fairly proud of myself (in the most humble way possible) when i can acknowledge my limits and and reserve judgement about general graphic design – i can help you on order and structure and the underlying code, but i’m not so great with colour-codes, and that’s okay.

(I do know, however – i learned long ago, from a bfa student i was crushing on at the time – that orange is the complimentaty colour of blue.  but that’s as far as my knowledge can take me.)

in other news, this site was down for two weeks or so, by design.  for quite some time i’ve been struggling with what to make of this site and of my self.  i don’t use it anymore, but i don’t want to let it go, either.  there is the do-nothing approach, i.e. let it sit as is, as an archive of sorts.  but really now, we’re all well aware that most digital archives of this variety are nothing more than an idea left to whither on the vine.

in other other news, helping the friend from the first paragraph gives me hope that maybe one day and i can do something vigourous online again.  i’ve always the the idea of playing with some sort of arts-and-culture forum but have never done anything about it for (a) a lack of time, and (b) a lack of confidence.  maybe one day i can change that.

perhaps that previous paragraph can be a tie between the first paragraph and the other news.   ho-hum.

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October 12, 2009 at 1:57 pm

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