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earlier today i was listening to shelagh rogers interview george elliott clarke on the cbc (possibly the link is here:  GEC was speaking generally about the racial and cultural history of Halifax and how it affected his childhood and informed his life.  He noted well that Halifax, founded in 1749, allowed its prominent (read: white and upper-class) citizens reside behind the protection of the stockade in the south end, while others (read: lower-class, first nations, and black) resided to the north of what would become the citadel and the naval yards – still with an element of protection, but definitely outside the confines of Society and Safety.   He also noted well that Halifax’s first slave market opened in 1750.  i’m touching on only the historical element of the conversation, but he was basically summarizing the notion that we’re all born of place(s) and time(s), i.e. we can’t escape our geographies.   the conversation was all well and good.

At any rate, at some point in the conversation, GEC said off-hand to Rogers, “I’m a writer…,” and continued on with the story.  That’s awesome.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could all be poets and storytellers?  I’m happy for your George Elliott Clarke.  and a little jealous.


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October 12, 2009 at 2:08 pm

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