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we don’t know a thing about things like atmospheric pressure and ocean currents and the motions of the planets but we do know that we love the first couple days of the fall when the air is crisp and the sun’s rays are golden and everything outside looks like it does on the the 35mm reels of our childhoods that our parents never shot but we like to imagine they did anyway.  the reels where we are always wearing cords and sweaters and have longish hair not because it was cool to have longish hair but because that’s the way kids roll.  and then some one took a snapshot with a camera instead of a scene of moving pictures, and, there you are frozen in time and staring into the camera’s eye, half-standing and half-crawling over a picnic table or a chair or a pile of wood. but it doesn’t matter, does it? because what’s good about it is your toothy grin and your shiny-shiny blue button-up jacket and the verdant fields behind you.  it’s the kind of green that is bristling with life even when september is long in the tooth, a green so full of chlorophyll and organic material and all that stuff they told us about when they were teaching us about photosynthesis. but it’s also a green that is teetering, almost demanding to collapse into the dull browns that the autumn brings.  our teachers told us to call it autumn but we knew better then just like we know better now because that time way back when was As Good As It Gets, and once you hit A Good As It Gets, when for a tiny moment on the face of this planet spinning around the sun, for a tiny fraction of a moment when you look in one direction and the light your eye catches is nothing but love and warmth, you know, you damn-well know that it’s not going to last much longer it can’t remain at all because after something as good as this there is only decline. and however much we profess to love the autumn it really is nothing more than a fall, a tumble, a wretched stumble on the rocks down to where it’s wet and dirty and cold.

Written by mitchellirons

September 21, 2009 at 9:13 pm

Posted in ecrits

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