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i learned some things this summer.  the most important thing was something that came to me in my last week of my employment, which was that the work i had been doing wouldn’t interest me as a long-term or even as a short-term career.  all of a sudden the work that my position entailed looked dull and boring and a little “too similar” to something i might have wanted to do in a previous life.  i understand that my job was project-based and not fully immersed in the subtle nuances of the field, but all the same i was for a moment able to look at the bigger picture and consider just how quickly i might become bored and/or frustrated with the tasks to be completed.   so now i’m considering the thought of doing government-work instead.  there ain’t no work like the work of a g-man, that’s for sure.

there’s also the income part of things on this issue.  the environment which i had situated myself has a relatively meagre pay scale relative to other work environments where similar tasks are performed.  when the time comes, i’ll probably still consider positions in this field because it’s much easier to enter into than would public service (i.e. my strong support for union rights would be my undoing since i’m not part of a public service union at the moment), but right now i’m more confident that i can find meaningful, heartfelt work in x government sector that offers better pay, 21 days of vacation a year (or something like that) and a half-way decent pension.

being a g-man, of course, leaves me stuck in the great white north.  this is unfortunate because a big part of me would like to leave this snowy climate.  but i guess i’ll burn that bridge when i get to do it.

apologies for all typographical, grammatical, and dyslexic errors.  i’m too tired to proof-read this today.

Written by mitchellirons

September 13, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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