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this past year, i’ve had to fight two separate battles with the student loan people.  for almost a year, i’ve tried to convince them:

1. that i’m still a student and that my loans should not come due, should not bear interest, and should not be shifted to a bank’s collections department or legal division.

2. that my spouse’s pension from previous employment (a) in fact hers and not mine, and (b), is in fact a pension fund and therefore inaccessible to even her for another thirty years or so.

these two points have made my life incredibly difficult, my living expenses incredibly threadbare, and my cupboards constantly empty.  so forgive me if ever i discover that you’ve found employment with any government agency that deals with student loans, or with a bank, since I may be compelled to throw your face into the road (sackville and brunswick streets, perhaps – it affords a nice view of the harbour and of the citadel.)

that is all.

[addendum. that is in fact not all.  this has all been a post-script of sorts to revenue canada’s audit of my household income last summer.  i would have gotten over it by now, if it hadn’t been for the fact that they put me through the ringer just so i could convince them a second time that i live well below the poverty line and somehow still owed taxes at the end of the day.]


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July 7, 2009 at 9:57 pm

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