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my creative output has been stagnant as of late.  it has been for quite some time.  i realized some time over christmas that my best private moments of inspiration and production were tied to my academic output.  i could declare this a gutteral rejection of the rigours of academia, but it was likely a little more about creating or finding a balance between the analytical and the.. well… and the “less-so.”  that which i call creative was (and is) still largely “non-fiction”.  it certainly isn’t (and wasn’t) fiction, but was (and is) more like non-fiction with a flair.  there is embellishment, a lot of embellishment.  i’m not great with plot (and aristotle would have my head for it), but i am good at describing a scene.

anyway, the shift away from academe has seen my writing output drop in ways i never imagined.  this is odd, and it makes me a little insecure because i’m surrounded by writers of all sorts – which is the real reason for this post this morning.  look at just a smattering of you!:

JG – Always a journalist in all our hearts of hearts.  We love you and your pen, and we’re right pissed off that the paycheque and the pen have been separated in your life.  but we’re confident you’ll one day write a massive tome and make it all better. “Nobody told me there were going to be monkeys here! I’m not so sure about the monkeys.”  Glorious, JG, glorious.

caile – who picked up the journalist’s pen around the same time that it was taken from from JG’s hand.  you may have moved far away, but you’re still in our thoughts.

a certain cat – who introduced me to nanowrimo.  perserverance, determination, and a damn-the-torpedos attitude about writing that everyone should be party to.

some one in london – who went so far as to create her own magazine.  WTF?  Why aren’t you my mentor?  I need more of our coffee dates in my life.

the pineapples – who always has a pen in hand.  the pineapples writes fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, journals, notes, poems, recipes, and graffiti.  there are no rules and no borders.  there is only ink.

Will – finishing the PhD.  That was once a life for me, and to a certain degree (har har) it still is.

Audra – ever the activist, pr specialiast, campaigner and politico.  no holds barred here.

Goh – who is The Master.  I turn to you for advice that I accept but rarely use, which is no fault by my own.  I may not jive on a lot of your genre fiction, but I do love your non-fiction essays as well as the sheer understanding of the writer’s craft, which you’ve explored, nurtured and refined all these years.

Two people not yet listed have made a particular mark on me these past few months, though.  they are Ella2, who restrains her creative force in public but is clearly bursting at the seams once she walks away, and Jane, who speaks from the heart about the stuff going down around her without falling to pieces.  Ella2’s going a method and a plan of attack, which I’ve returned to a couple times in the past few weeks.  And Jane’s got a prose style that is brutally honest and inspirational without being sappy.  When i think about all the creative things i should be recording right now, i turn my thoughts to these two people and write vicariously through them.


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April 19, 2009 at 10:05 am

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  1. I have a method and plan of attack? I wonder what it is.



    April 21, 2009 at 12:04 pm

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