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i found out in the midst of packing last week that my dad’s mom died. her passing was a long time coming and it is likely for the best (for everyone, including her) that she finally shuffled off her mortal coil. my grandmother was fairly religious as well as pious (there is a difference), so I’m sure she breathed her last breath with that odd humbled confidence peculiar to Roman Catholics who are prepared to encounter what they think (or plain just understand) is in store.

i’m not writing this to grieve, nor am i writing this in a vain attempt to look for condolences. i had grown apart from my grandmother over the past ten years or so; her passing did not create a hole in my life, nor did it fill me with anxious dread. the event was still hard on the system, however, and i won’t deny that her death didn’t make a stressful week any less daunting. i did have my angry moments and my flair-ups, and i did take it out on the dishes (but at least they came away sparkling). but i eventually got over things.

my grandmother’s passing did light a spark, though. i’ve had a particular CW idea gestating for some time now (by some time i mean almost two years on this one), but it has frustrated me and i have fruatrated it whenever I’ve worked with it. I’ve tried to flesh it these little stories a couple times, and while I’ve been able to set the tone I’ve been looking for with a specific rhetoric and style, it has been missing a central plotline to tie together all the vignettes. However, I realized the day after the day my grandmother died that certain elements of her life and the themes one might draw from them can bring some cohesion to the project. Starting later next week, I’m going to begin the text in earnest.

It looks like I may have to break my rule and write a dedication page after all.


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February 6, 2009 at 11:12 pm

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  1. I’m impressed by the way you take things out on dishes. I’m pretty sure mine would involve throwing them really really hard. Throwing things when you’re mad is just so satisfying.

    Actually, I’ve never broken a dish on purpose. I would like to though. Preferably somewhere I wouldn’t have to clean it up. And I’d rather do it in fun than in anger.


    February 7, 2009 at 1:02 pm

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