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so, i’ve been silent for a couple days since we’re moving on the 31st. Let this message serve as notice that Radio Free Halifax is going to maintain radio silence for about another week more.

In other news: i’m about to breach my monthly bandwidth limits because google has uber-indexed all the images on this site. (click here or go do a google image-search for “mitchellirons” to see what I mean). Hits to this site have taken a dramatic spike. Before last saturday, I’d see around 20 unique visitors a day. Between Sunday and Tuesday, that rose to around 300 unique visitors, and now I’m averaging about 575. Putting ads on the site to help offset the cost of this traffic would be a silly thing to do because they won’t generate any real revenue, but only add clutter to the look-and-feel. And I don’t think I can in good conscience pay any more than I am for hosting, so I may have to revert to an old status. I’ll make some decisions next week, but am happy to entertain suggestions on the matter.


Written by mitchellirons

January 29, 2009 at 8:48 am

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