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i love how lists makes one feel efficient.

– woke up v. early this morning, under-slept and mildly hungover (also with a small case of the dreaded post-drinky, post-bad-food gut-rot) and meandered my way to the market. i picked up a tasty cinnamon roll for the pineapples since she loves them so. i don’t like them so much, though. then i returned home. she appreciated the roll. i warmed myself up with some not-so-great coffee and the globe and mail in my old poang chair.

– going to do some blahgging (get it? blog=blahg? har-har) because i want to. may do something with my curling idea, because i always love great ideas. my great idea is to create a site that has links to the greatest and most garish curling sweaters of all time. if i’m going to curl, i’m going to do it in style. lots of wool and lots of funny hats. hurry hard.

– going to work today. it’s been a while since i had to work. the library shifts have come calling, and next week the students’ papers will start mounting in my inbox. can’t hardly wait.

– thinking about the summer. i’ve got to go do an internship for three weeks somewhere, anywhere (read: three weeks of unpaid labour). that should be easy enough to find. but i’m also keen to find meaningful work in the field for the rest of the summer so i don’t have to wait on tables ever again. i’m hoping that the local academic libraries haven’t had to reduce the number of summer students they take on due to recent budget woes. i don’t think this would be the case because, as i’ve gathered, most summer students are effectively temps – their hours worked often make up for hours other people spend on vacation. and the vacay isn’t going anywhere, regardless of the economy.

– thinking that conservatives and republicans have warmed themselves up to deficit-spending only because they’re determined to call it “economic stimulus.”

– i’ve got a friend who used to run hpl/north-branch. i love the guy. i don’t think everyone in the programme knows his entire backstory, which is too bad, but he’s asked me not to talk about it too much because he’s really modest about it, so i respect that. at any rate, this guy plays an active part in a community, and lives and breathes that community, and i think that’s awesome. i’m a rather isolated and solitary fellow, so i don’t really want to emulate him, but i really respect him for all that he’s done in his short life. most of all, he shines, and he kind-of knows it, but it doesn’t matter to him. he just wants others to do their part and be happy doing their part. that makes me smile.

– wondering how i got to know so much about the prostitutes in town. i blame this on the former downstairses. not that the former downstairses (who, really, will always be the downstairses in our hearts) interacted with the prostitutes, but the downstairses lived in town long enough to know all about the prostitutes and how small-scale, south-end-gentrification has pushed them around, block-by-block. it’s a great story, but i feel bad relaying it, because i’m cribbing some one else’s tale. so many of my stories are other people’s stories, told poorly. maybe i’m a fraud after all.

– back in the day, the apartment my friend once lived in was a bordello. it is across the street from a united church. that’s pretty awesome, i think.

– back to the lists. after working, i’m going to come home, eat some din-din (ne pas de din-don, though), and then maybe watch some more david lynch. the pineapples will not be happy with that. silencio.

– sunday is activity-day!. curling and broomballing. maybe some podcasting if i can find the courage and time to do it again. maybe some packing, too. maybe even some schoolwork.

– dreading a particular upcoming class when the former director of another programme i was once enrolled in is our guest speaker. i don’t want to have to return his presumptuous, steely-eyed glare with a defensive stare steeped in vitriol and cholic, but i’m not sure how else i’ll get through his talk.

– the pineapples is playing I Heart Katamari right now. we own two video games: I Heart Katamari and EA Sport NHL 2005 (It’s in the game). this is as close to Future Shop as we’ll ever get, I think.


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January 10, 2009 at 11:22 am

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  1. No turkey for you?

    I love lists too.


    January 29, 2009 at 10:27 am

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