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school bells. hurry hard. bengal lancers on patrol.

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it’s the first week of january, folks, and december has been a good run here in the blogosphere, but now i must return to class and to work. this means less of me and more of… well, nothing. it just means less of me. i’m aiming to writing something once a week, but we’ll see how things turn out.

in other news, a bunch of us signed up for curling lessons at the Mayflower CC this winter. Yesterday was our first session, and it was a blast (no Colleen Jones sightings yet, though). Some of us are almost ambidextrous, some of us can put the rock in play, and all of us ended the session with really, really cold toes. I foresee a new blog being developed about this subject – I’ll keep you all posted. There will not be any “Curling Rocks” jokes on it, I promise, but you may see a “I’m a curling hack” pun from time to time.

I did manage to take one photo of us in action. Observe:


That’s me as skip on the top sheet of ice, while johnnyg looks on. he’s on the opposing team and is ready to sweep away any rocks the John Locke, my third, is about to send down the sheet. Stew Cameron, our coach and intrepid leader from Mayflower CC, looks on.

And finally, this just in at CBC Radio 1 here in Halifax: seven Bengal Lancers are loose on the downtown streets! Most have been rounded up, but two or three are still blocking (or perhaps directing?) traffic on the corner of Sackville and South Park. Awesome. This is shades of a Victorian comedy or absurd-lit, with a dash of 12 Monkeys to boot.

{edit: the real media have finally posted on this.  check out a great pic of the horses grazing on the side of the citadel here.}


Written by mitchellirons

January 5, 2009 at 8:25 am

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