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Some New Year’s Day Items:

1. I don’t have any hair on my head. I had a very, very bad haircut a couple days before Christmas. The barber (who shall remain nameless, because I remain a gentleman in spite of my shorn head) left tufts of hair that weren’t meant to be stylish lingering all over my scalp. I had to go to another shop on Christmas Eve and take some clippers (no. 3) to my head to straighten it all out. I notice the cold a whole lot more now.

2. There is a blizzard outside. Environment Canada brought out the real lingo for this system (i.e. it is not a simple “snow storm”), and it is well-deserved. The weather and the temperature in town has been wildly fluctuating this winter. I think it has confirmed – for real – my resolve to not live where it snows. The snow was fun when I was kid, and it was tolerable in my twenties. Now it is just a pain in the ass. The Pineapples has had it right all along with her plan to move to california by hook or crook. Perhaps I’ll join her after all.

2a. On a sidenote, four of us walked from Gottingen and Young to roughly Gottingen and North early this morning. I have always appreciated the way the world looks when the witching hour has been whited out by a snowstorm. I do have fond memories of traipsing through back alleys and main roads of big cities and small towns when the snow is falling. One memory in particular featured me, early-morning-February darkness, a snow angel, snow falling on the corner of Queen and Bay in t-dot, and all the lights in the office towers high above me twinkling like stars. I was three sheets to the wind of course (hence making snow angels in the financial district at 3am), but it’s a fond memory nonetheless. however, i return to my earlier statement that snow was tolerable in my twenties. Today, I am happy to keep my interaction with the white stuff limited to what i can recall in my remembrances and souvenirs of times past.

3. We’re moving on February 1st, roughly to the area where our walk home began this morning. I’ve wanted to move to the area for several years now, and so has the Pineapples, but we’ve always waited (and sometimes hesitated) to find “the perfect spot”. this spot is by no means perfect, of course, but it situates us in a neighbourhood with more trees and kids, a local coffee shop for me and a yarn shoppe for the Pineapples. (We don’t want kids, but we like living where kids live – neighbourhoods and communities are far better than student ghettoes.) It also has five appliances, a stairway for the manimals to run on, and a legitimate dining room. quel surprise! c’est magnifique! although we might call on you readers to help us shift around some little things at the tail end of the move, we plan on hiring movers to do the real work for us. this is primarily because i’ve run out of good will with johnnyg and macoavac (no more couches john, i promise), but mostly because we’re old and our bones are creaky. it’s time to pay the youngens to do this work for us. (but please, everyone: hold onto your excess christmas boxes for us!)

4.  i’m fascinated – in a somewhat morbid way, I suppose – with the fact that i’m moving to the neighbourhood that was ground zero for the cleanup and reconstruction of the north end after the Halifax Explosion of 1917. The Hydrostone was originally developed to be the administrative centre of the Halifax Relief Commission (or something to that effect) as well as the beginnings of the redevelopment of the area. Knowing that I’m going to be living only a hundred feet away or so from the buildings almost makes me want to dig a hole in the ground to find the strata of earth that signals the complete destruction of the community 91 years ago (it won’t be too far down, I know). Some of you are growing tired of this talk, I know, but I’m fixed on the fact that so many people died, all at once, in this seaside town. I don’t think continental North America had witnessed so many civilian deaths all at once before this, and certainly not until the WTC attacks in 2001 was that scale met and surpassed. Anyway, my habitation is going to be a weird memento mori of sorts.

Written by mitchellirons

January 1, 2009 at 1:02 pm

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