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i’m so pissed off at the state of our national affairs right now i can hardly speak.

oh wait, my representative has lost her right to speak on my behalf because the House has been SHUT DOWN. I suppose all I need to do now is find some one else who can’t speak because of this and then we’ll have a trend.

It looks like our lesson for the day (or for the fall, the winter, and likely for next spring, too) is: “Vote Conservative, or don’t vote at all.” Christ. What’s a political system without an opposition? Its a system without representation of the citizenry.

“Stand up and be counted”, my ass. If one doesn’t vote for the tories in canada, then one doesn’t count. that’s how it works around here it seems.

(in other news, all i’ve got to calm me down right now is some belle and sebastian. sorry about that, Pineapples.)

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