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Christmas Resolutions, and how Seuss Ruined Christmas

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I don’t like new year’s resolutions, mostly because they occur at the moment when I’ve run out of time to actually do stuff. So, this year I’m going to mark off some christmas resolutions instead.

1. Read some good stuff. I’ve got four areas to cover: fiction, non-fiction, classic lit, and theory. The classic lit and the theory are going to take care of themselves, but i’m open to suggestions in the first two fields. give me some options, people – tell me what you’re reading, and why I’d like to read it, too.

2. Watch _The Forsyte Saga_ again. My plan last winter was to watch this miniseries as well as _Band of Brothers_ (Damian Lewis is an awesome actor, as the world has finally come to realize, thanks to American network television), but it never panned out.

3. Ditch my papers. Yes, I’m going to ditch my papers. I’ve held on to paper copies of all my essays since my third year. They often came in handy, but now that I’ve given up on that discipline, they just sit around and collect dust. In some ways, this is a momentous occasion. But in other ways, I’ll be conducting an act that could have happened on 1 September, if not prior to that.

4. Sell more books. We’re thinking of doing another book cull here at Chez Nous, partly because we could use the money, but also because so many books in our library are doing what my essays are doing – collecting dust. I’m thinking of Tyler Durden right now – you don’t own things: things own you. The way I see it, since I have library cards and don’t plan on writing the next great dissertation on Shakespeare, Film, and the Film Industry anymore, I might as well move on. Hopefully the man at the Two Dollar Magazine Store on Barrington St will still be interested in my wares.

5. A slight possibility: I may try to write a paper in advance of the March 13 duedate. I could get the reading done (I have the syllabus in hand) and write it up, but only if I’m feeling up to it. However, my “Adventures With The MBAs” class will require me to do some work over the holiday for an early January deadline, so any efforts put to coursework will have to be directed at that, first.

6. Find the Christmas Spirit. I’m no scrooge, but sometimes I don’t understand the need to hang green and red things on my walls. This bothers The Pineapples to no end and causes great consternation at Chez Nous. I think what I need to do is prepare a holiday roast beast. that might do the trick.

6a. Regarding the Roast Beast. I can’t stand to watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas. I don’t care if the Grinch saw the light in the end and changed his ways and his heart grew to normal size and even larger. The Grinch is one of the most vile characters even developed. He ranks up there with Iago and Aaron. That creature is sheer hatred. The fact that the Grinch saw the light doesn’t point to his redemption, though. Rather, it points to a flaw in Seuss’s plot and character. Either the Grinch must remain the devil he is, or Seuss must write several chapters that detail this transformation. Consider Dickens and his Scrooge – that’s a Christmas story that’s all about process – it’s all about Scrooge being forced to see what’s wrong with himself before he change his ways. The Majority of Dickens’s _Christmas Carol_ is about forcing Scrooge to change as opposed to Seuss’s _Grinch_, where most of the story is about that vile character’s plotting and scheming. I find nothing beautiful in the _Grinch_ story. It is a resounding lit-critical failure. Iago can’t be a good character, and neither can be the Grinch. If I were Seuss’s editor, I’d demand a significant re-write.


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November 29, 2008 at 10:08 am

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  1. Re: ideas 3 & 4: awesome ideas. we have too much crap

    Re: ideas 1, 2, & 5: you do realize you only have a finite amount of time in which to do this stuff?

    Re: idea 6: there is hope of a Christmas miracle!

    Re: idea 6a.: never mind. you lack the Spirit of Christmas. 😛


    December 7, 2008 at 11:46 pm

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