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In Honour of the Snow

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So either I’m losing my mind and remembering things I never really did, or, one of you blokes broke into my account and deleted something I posted last Saturday. Either way, I’m left wondering right now, “can something be a thing if it never happened in the first place?” On the one hand, the original instance never occurred: it was never perceived, recorded, or experienced. on the other hand, by talking about it, we’re actually making the thing happen after all. oh my, we’ve now reached a hyperreal of thingness. this is nuts.

what is nuts, actually, is that in the past ten days i’ve applied more contemporary theory than you can shout down a CSP student with in my management classes, of all places. i have now become a stereotype unto myself. now, i really am commodified.

anyway, back to the original point. Last saturday, in honour of all the snow that fell, I either posted a link, or meant to post a link to this, a collection of CanCon music videos I ruminated about last December and March. The rhetoric is bland, but the music is kinda neat to watch. Since originally posting it, i think I could probably add Malajube’s Montreal -40C as another example of winter and CanCon.. but then again, maybe I did already and forgot about that, too. Oh, forgetfulness, you get me every time.

(What is the opposite of forgetfulness? Being forgetful is to lose memories of events. Would the opposite of forgetfulness then be to gain memories of events? Again, we come to the thing-ness of it all. Can one gain memories of a thing if it didn’t happen? And similarly: can that act of gaining actually be accelerated? I would suggest “no.” So then I’m still without an answer, all because I should have taken a degree in philosophy.)

Anyway, music.


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November 24, 2008 at 12:04 pm

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