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Okay, so this morning, for perhaps the third (fourth) time in my life, I actually baked! I don’t count baking cakes for The Pineapples as baking, because I’ve failed almost every time, but if even if you were to add those numbers into it we’d still be at less than a dozen instances.

I baked because I helped organize a to-do for this evening with a budget so small that us organizers had to get crafty in the kitchen. I lose all capacity to think when it comes to baking, so this experience was a little more… difficult… than is had to be. The Pineapples was both exasperated and laughing her face off at my uselessness with the blender this morning. She actually must be given credit for guiding me through some of the process. At any rate, the snicker doodles are baked, ready to be boxed up, and will tonight be eaten.

I’m writing all this up mostly for Rhia, who I think would be proud of my… ability acumen experience intention willingness to conjure up something in the kitchen that doesn’t call for oregano or basil for once. These photos are for you.. 🙂

[the thumbnails are clickable, btw.]

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November 18, 2008 at 12:31 pm

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