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christmas is for shopping and the shopping god is everything

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I’ve marked it, on 17 Nov 2008. There I was in the grocery store, trying to remember if the flour i needed is all-purpose or white, when I heard the christmas carols over the PA system. now,I know that the christmas music has been noticed by others since at least around hallowe’en, but this was still a little bothersome. I don’t take kindly to hearing christmas music before my birthday. my birthday, i think, is a good benchmark in the run-up toward christmas, in fact, I would say it is even superior to american thanksgiving, but i suppose i’d have to argue that one away with some 350 million people, so I’ll keep mum on that subject and just rant on about our consumerist fetishes instead.

anyway, i immediately grew bitter when i heard the carols. I wanted to shut my eyes, open them, and find myself in a delillo novel since I was basically in one at that moment.

the next best thing to this wish, of course, would be to start humming some matthew good, who used to rock out on the gen-x angst and po-mo for us back in the day. but of course, i couldn’t even do that, because the nature of my predicament – hearing the carols – prevented me from even taking the medicine – humming a tune to drive it all away. It was a downward spiral.

i did eventually break out of the spiral and find my solace when i got home. oh internet, you fix things every time. you are my solace, you giant simulation. anyway, the lyric in question in this song is around the 2:30 mark. I’ve been going on about it for years now, so I won’t say anymore.


(oh, and finally, even though i do like this video for its politics and its massage (cf McLuhan there, of course), I still think it reeks of Adbusters. while i’m politically aligned with a lot of what Adbusters espouses, I think the place is a racket, and that Kalle Lasn is almost as bad as some of the people he criticizes. Kalle wants us to culture jam, yes, but he wants us to culture jam with his message only. he wants us to wipe the slate clean, but we wants us to wipe it clean so we will see things his way. if i were to mindlessly read Adbusters the way he wants me to, I might gain back my street cred for pinning my anti-corporate beliefs on my sleeve, but I’d still be an automaton, only now an automaton who is against corporations without really understanding all the reasons why. even though i do see the world the way Kalle sees it, i think his line of thinking and mode of delivery is awfully presumptuous and a little patronizing.)

Written by mitchellirons

November 17, 2008 at 6:13 pm

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