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all this remembrance day talk has got me thinking about about some words i wrote on Lille long ago, in july of 2008.  it’s a typical digression on the past that ends with my becoming melodramatic (par for course, i know).

i’m too tired to say anything else, except that this this evening i found at Kinko’s someone’s “Condolences From The State” card (or whatever it is called) that announced Pte John Hancock’s death in France, dated 26 Dec 1944.  I turned the card in to the Kinko’s rep, because I’m sure some one else is going to come looking for it, but not without photocopying it first.  It felt wrong in some ways, like i was photographing the dead.  but in other ways it felt like making the photocopy was right to do.  for a moment there i was holding on to some one else’s punch in the stomach, and i couldn’t let that feeling go.

i’ll scan the page later so we can all feel the burn..

Written by mitchellirons

November 13, 2008 at 7:53 pm

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