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so, do any of you guys geotag’n’stuff?  it’s kinda fun to do – i like all the pretty things that flickr can do.  flickr really is a pretty site, and despite my aversion to its parent, yahoo, i must admit it’s a great service.

since it is october, i had started to grow a beard again.  i have plans for hallowe’en, and again, it requires a certain amount of facial hair.  so i had been taking a snapshot of myself every day to mark the beard growth.  i went about ten days before it became too much and I shaved it off (i hate the itchiness) – I’ll have to just be something else for costume day.   but along the way, i thought it would be neat to take a picture of myself every day and post it to the net.  then i thought i would also be neat to take one picture of something close to where I am every single day, and then post that, too.  And then i thought it would be a whole boatload of awesome if I would geotag it all.

so last night i started it all up.  i loaded up lightroom again, resurrected an old flickr test account, and started doing some test posts to work out a proceess that goes something like: download to lightroom, upload to flickr, transfer to or a host, and then be done with it.  but i gave up.  it would take too damn long, and i can see myself giving up on it fairly quick.   i may yet do an apple photobooth->flickr pic of myself daily sort of thing, since so many of the middle steps would be eliminated, but I’m not certain.

what i clearly need to do, obviously, is pick up a wondrous iphone so i can take the pic with the gadget, let the gadget geotag it, then upload it to flickr with a widget on the gadget, and then automate a transfer at the same time back to the host.  only for an extra $50/mo.  can’t frigging wait.

Written by mitchellirons

October 11, 2008 at 8:24 pm

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