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i’m having one of those “i’m so tired i could puke” sort of evenings.  it is the end of a rather busy week (a rather busy three weeks, actually), and I’d be quite content to sit here on the couch the rest of the night and be sleepy.

work and school has kept me busy latelly.  i sometimes wonder if i bit off more that i could chew by maintaining this marking contract through this term.  but it looks like beggars can’t be choosers since several of the participants i grade have being “moving on” these past few weeks.  “moving on” could mean that they don’t want to be in the course anymore, but given the stuff going down in various financial markets right now, and also the fact that i am working with people who themselves work with these markets, “moving on” means some of these people walked away or have been asked to leave or have simply disappeared.

My own income is guarenteed until november or so – i grade what i need to grade and then bill the Co. for my hours worked.  But then there are these participants, who are working so hard to straighten out their grammar in the midst of a giant mortgage and credit crisis, and almost all of their jobs are on the line through because of the work of others whose hands are still quite dirty.  And then there are those people who have already done the “moving on” bit, like I said.  M.W. or K.P. no longer submit work because they’re moved on, but their names remain on the gradesheet to remind me of their former presence.  I sometimes wonder what they’re up to.  It’ not like I knew what they were up to before – i only grade people on grammar – but all the same, now i know there are three more people I have met in the world who now do not have an income.


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October 10, 2008 at 5:06 pm

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