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end of the week.  watching my friends barack and john talk about wall street and main street.  this has an impact on all sectors of society.  and this affects me, my house, and my ability to send my kids to college.  it’s change.  change we can believe in.  and hope.  and nation.  and change.

this debate should get better.

it should get better, because if i can get better after dealing with the plague this week, then this debate can get better.

oh boy was i sick this week.  it started with feeling very exhausted last saturday, then a scratchy throat on sunday, then something like strepp going into monday morning, followed by four days of sheer pain and anguish as i coughed and gagged and spat up every organ in my body.  yes, it was not pretty.  no, i do not miss that second kidney.  yes, i am feeling a bit better, though.

oh boy, john is talking about democrats and republicans working together.  again.  it’s almost as good as barack talking about putting my kids through college.  what is neat is how they’re both going on and on and on about a plan that congress has rejected yet again.

so i finally found one pack to rule them all.  it took a lot longer than expected because school and work made it difficult to get to the stores i wanted to go in working hours.  but i finally made it in this evening, with my old schoolbag full of stuff to test new packs, and with my wallet (word to the wise: shopping without a wallet goes no where).  it turns out that the one pack to rule them all was the pack that i nearly bought over a month ago after all. it’s the MEC Spirit Velo 25, the pack i used to have, and was inches away from buying again last August, but decided against because it didn’t hold up so well in the halifax rain.   anyway, today i nearly bought a neato pack by the good people at deuter, mostly because it is pronounced “duder”, but held back because it was more of a hiking pack than an urban daypack etc etc.  so i reconsidered all my options.  i went back to square one, and weighed all the pros and cons and decided to go with Little Spirit once more, but this time to top it off with a rain cover to deal with all those post-tropical depressions we deal with out here.  it’s awesome.  i’m awesome.  you’re awesome.  my cough isn’t so awesome, but that should work itself out in a couple more days or so.

(p.s. why can’t we just call them nor’easters anymore?)

One Pack To Rule Them All

One Pack To Rule Them All


Written by mitchellirons

September 26, 2008 at 8:26 pm

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  1. I think it actually has to be a nor’easter before one can call it that.


    September 26, 2008 at 11:31 pm

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