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46. Showing your colours

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Alright, I gotta admit it, I love it when the Tories get caught with their pants down.  Like how about former Toronto Centre candidate Chris Reid, who wrote on his blog last August that all those the witnesses to the man being butchered by a crazy on the back of a greyhound bus were cowards?   Good times.  Way to go, Chris Reid.

Chris, sadly, gave up his Conservative candidacy for the riding today.  He also took down the blog.  Thankfully, though, Google has cached the page for us to remember him by.  But let’s not remind him and his conservative brethren of his complete lack of social skills and tact until the end of his days – we can give it a rest the day after the election.

Check the google cache of his blog at:

Check out a downloaded web archive of the cached site here..


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September 21, 2008 at 7:02 pm

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