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43. end of the week, and oy.

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the week is, through, almost.  i’ve gone through four grueling days of various orientation events, networking meetings, sessions, shindigs, mixers and functions, and i’ve also had more than my share of drinks, food and drink.  i’ve learned that i’ve enrolled in a school whose only mission is to take over the world, and that we’re damn-near close to taking it.  I’ve also learned that FOB doesn’t necessarily mean freight-on-board or fresh-off-the-boat, and that in fact the campus undergrad bar does serve half-decent food.  if the grad-house-bar never re-opens, I might have to start frequenting the bar and taps that serve the kids whose papers i mark.  but first, i must finish the week by attending a sloe-gin-pitch softball game on saturday afternoon, and a massive party during the evening.

i’m also slowly coming to grips with the fact that i maywill one day go live and go public with my real name online.  Although I’ve always known the day would come, it remains in my eyes to be a bit of a rupture of my person – or perhaps a fusion of my selves.

finally, it was damn well interesting to look over my syllabi and realize that I already follow many of the blogs and journals that are recommended reading for class.

oh yes, and the ndp nomination for Hali is next monday.  be there or be squared.  don’t eff it up, kids – take part in these processes whenever you can.  Part of me would really like Irvine Carvery win the nomination, but I must admit that I think this gent can, will, and does do more for the people of Halifax by being on the ground here on the peninsula rather than by warming his bum on a seat in Ottawa.  It is a bit selfish to think that way, but there it is…  Carvery, I love you – don’t ever leave us..

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September 5, 2008 at 7:25 pm

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