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the past six days have been a blended series of contracts and papers and jobs eating up my time (*). I’ve been stuck in a serious rut of  “get up in the morning, do one thing for one pay, then do another for another pay, oh my god its 8pm!” routine.  the money’s okay, for a student.  the money would be great, if it were 1995.  but i’m willing to make due for now.  i think i’ll actually carry on with some of these contracts so long as they’re offered to me (the big daddy seems to be long-term, so long as the american economy holds out) in order to keep a sock-drawer full of cash on the go, and also to pay down some of the student debt.  yay student debt.

i booted up an old laptop today.  I hadn’t turned it on since at least 2005, but it may have been since at least 2003.  It’s a little difficult to be precise on this date.  Most of its files are from a pre-wedding time period, but every now and again I encountered something from 2005, post-wedding, when looking over its contents.  the neatest things discovered are the cultural and personal relics from a past time, though. the desktop is plastered with a photo of El Cohen, which The Pineapples noted was once a livejournal icon I used.  The “My Computer” icon is renamed Zinedine Zidane, likely in honour of Zizou’s antics at Euro 2004, while the hard drive is titled “Sweet Homewrecker”, in honour of Joel Plaskett.  I’m not big on Plaskett, but I do like his album titles.

It looks like the machine was set up to be a simple MS Word and LJ-ifying beast.  I had reformatted the hard drive – this much I can remember – but most of the documents sitting on it now are old Word and Access documents, and various temporary files used by Semagic, the offline LJ-writer.  For a moment there I nearly logged in just to say “Hello world out there.”  Oh live journal, how did we ever come together, only to stray so far apart?  Excuse me for one more precious moment as I head off to write a wondrous ode to your cyber-social-constructive ways.

(* – It’s funny that I talk, that we all talk about how our work eats up our time.  Our work is our time.  It is part of our lives.  That shouldn’t be ignored.  It shouldn’t be dwelled upon, either.  But it shouldn’t be ignored.)


Written by mitchellirons

August 13, 2008 at 1:12 am

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