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35. killing time

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Here’s another one playing on the idea of time and the manner in which its effaced. I mentioned yesterday, you might recall, that my time this past week had been eaten up by work. Sometimes our time is swept up by activities, while at other times, time languishes (or is even left languished by) our activities. But this morning, I’m being active in my relationship with time. I’m taking control and killing time, myself. Today I’m the agent of time’s destruction. Similar to my episode with the paper shredder several months ago, this morning I am the god, the monster, and the ogre to petty time. I control it. It is in my hands to do what I want, and this morning, I choose to violently murder it by doing nothing at all except read the internet and the talk about how I am willingly, and happily, letting time die, die, die. so meta.

tomorrow morning I will switch hats from creator to lecturer. I spent much of the early week dithering about and creating various handouts and notes on how to nail down that perfect thesis statement for a class i’m conducting. i dare not use the term “teaching” because this ain’t teaching. No way. Sure, I’ve got some knowledge, and I’m happy to share it. But these next two days have gotta be as informal as it can be, for the kids’ sake, and for mine. Giving introductory classes on the importance of writing solid thesis statements and topic sentences can get dull, super fast. So there won’t be teaching. There’s going to be a sharing of secrets and nothing more. I’ll tell them how to get a solid thesis not for their own sake, but for the sake of their GPA. Results. We all want results. they want results. They want As. And I just want to make it through the day in one piece and without too many yawns on their parts. So goodbye Strunk and White, Hello essay outlines, caffeine, and internets.

Get this for an itunes mix: The Show Must Go On by Pink Floyd – possibly the worst song in my collection, followed by some 1957.


Written by mitchellirons

August 13, 2008 at 11:01 am

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