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Stage or Screen No. 4

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(A chance encounter with a preview of the upcoming remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still (starring Keanu Reeves as Klaatu, it appears) inspired today’s scouring of the net for images to share.)
[I may write later on about my favourite sort of sci-fi alien-encounter movies, as well as a more thorough analysis of the posters themselves.  I’ve always liked sci-fi films where the aliens look like us.  I think we tend to spend more time being introspective and thinking about ourselves and the “human condition” (whatever that is) when the differance and the other on screen in almost negligible.  I know I certainly am more worried about how slimy things are for Sigourney Weaver’s crew in Aliens than when I watch Star Man, for instance..]

Like the 1951 film, the headlines on these first two posters are clearly influenced by mid-20th century new-wave sci-fi.  Note that the headline doesn’t say that the earth is threatened by something from outerspace.  Rather, something from outerspace comes to us to warn us about something.  The difference lies in intention.  Something that warns would comes in peace, while something that threatens would come to frighten its object into submission.  Also note that both the western and the eastern hemisphere is shown on the globe.

The following two posters for the same film, meanwhile, suggest one is going to see a sci-fi film movie that is based on suspicion and destruction.  The unknown is coming to the earth not to warn us, or even to theatenus.  Rather, the strange power (power is relative – it must be strong as us, or stronger) comes to simply menace the earth.  Words are not minced in these two posters: we are told that the other is an adversary, bent on destroying us.

Also note that this poster is focused on Gort’s destruction of Congress, a buidling with a great amount of symbolic value attached to it.  Gort is menacing not just earth, but our democratic values.

One can find some beautiful hi-res still at this website.  I’d give you context, but the site is written mostly in an Asian script, so I’m at a loss.

(Any further context on my part would be found, of course, over at Rough Notes.)


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  1. Ooooh, we watched this a couple of weeks ago because it was randomly on tv. So good.


    July 25, 2008 at 12:17 pm

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