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30. the (weathered) words we use.

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After a week of overcast clouds looming over us, the rain has finally come to Hali.  It came on Monday, and its has come today, and it is to come tomorrow.  Lucky for the Pineapples, I’m in one of those “I love the rain!” sorts of moods.  It may stem from a horrible Eurythmics joke I cracked while walking from the grocery store the other day.  The joke was not funny at all, so I apologised for it immediately, but since then there has been, lodged in my memory, an image and sound of me singing “Here comes the rain again.”  Annie Lennox I certainly am not, so I’ve been laughing to myself at the thought of this for the past couple days, and waiting for the rain to bloody well arrive.

Right now I am a little put off with Environment Canada, as well as the Canadian Hurricane Centre.  In the past ten years or so (that might be a stretch, but I want to lend some authority to my words), these offices have been apt to use different terminology for big storms that occur in the North Atlantic.  Whereas all serious weather pattersn were once large storms and gales, if not tempests in their own right, they are now classified as Tropical Storms or Tropical Depressions or Post-Tropical Depressions.  I understand that the wonders of science, satellites and meteorology allow us to track weather patterns in the Caribbean as they move toward us, so it might therefore be appropriate to continue to refer to these storms by the names they had where they originated, but there simply is no fun to be had in “Tropical Storm Cristobal.”  Unless I’m ten miles out in the sea, I’m simply in store for a whole lotta rain.  It’s a big let down.  I want my gales to return.  And my tempests.  Not tropical storms which have run their course.  I’ll take the Hurricanes when they actually make landfall with the force that warrants such a name.  But constantly referring to Tropical Storm Cristobal as a Tropical Storm when it hits Nova Scotia and eventually Newfoundland does nothing but breed fear in the people who are scared witless by these things, and creates a letdown in the likes of people like myself, who demands nature to come on strong so that we know we’re alive.


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July 22, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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