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29. and Web 2.0

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This one is for the internet at large.

I finally picked up a twitter account.  It’s only as good as it is popular with my friends, and by all accounts, it is unpopular with my friends and therefore no good to me.  I’ll play with it a bit and see what happens, though.  Apparently, Twitter is the way to go when it comes to Web 2.0.  It almost makes me want to use my cell phone. almost.

Picking up twitter has caused some blogging issues to surface, though.  I’m a big fan of WordPress and, and generally keep my thoughts on’s servers, because they’re reliable, quick, and hooked right into Googlebot‘s veins like some sort of IV drip – What one writes on, others can easily and quickly find on google.  yay.  Its WYSIWYG interface is the darling of blogging and CMS platforms, and its ability to integrate store and integrate images in posts puts the Blogger/Picasa to shame.

The problem lies in’s strict No-Java policy for its widgets.  Java can do nasty things and can create massive security leaks, so in many way’s‘s policy is wise.  It keeps their blogging platform safe and secure.  But it prevents it from being robust, which is awful, considering the standalone manifestation is prasied time and again for its versatility.  Without Java, one can’t properly integrate all those “Web 2.0” widgets we’ve all fallen in love with.  There is no way to properly integrate, for instance, Twitter updates, charts, LibraryThing notes, or even proper webstats on the backend.  Yes, one could object and say I could certainly integrate a simple RSS feed of my Twitter status, but really now, I’ve done a lot of with text on the internet, and I don’t want to go back to 1996.  My days of dial-up freenet access through Gophers and FTPs are well in the past, and I have no desire to return to them.  WinSock was cute, but not cute enough.

This is an issue where has fallen flat on its feet.  I would love to see the Automattic people offer more hardcoded widgets for various Web 2.0 projects, but after surfing its site for over two years now, I’m willing to say they’re well behind the curve on this.  It makes me want to drop altogether and go back to blogspot.  And since the majority of my faithful readers actually read this through my portable Feedburner feed, it is damn easy to make the switch with little hardship to be faced by either the writer or the audience.

Written by mitchellirons

July 19, 2008 at 11:06 pm

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