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Old Maps No. 1

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Map of Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1894

Map of Halifax, Nova Scotia, 1894

Map of Halifax, 1894 (click to enlarge)

(Source: Archive of History Maps at UTexas; Also found on a webpage of NS miscellanea)

I particularly like this map. Note that the main street in the downtown is now listed as Barrington north of Spring Garden, but is still Campbell north of the Citadel, and Pleasant south of Spring Garden itself. Pleasant ran the course of Barrington St as we know it today, through the lands that the container terminals now sit on, and directly into Point Pleasant Park.

Dalhousie University is not marked on the map, but its streets and buildings do exists Ritchie’s Pond is still a feature, as is the old penitentiary, whose stones were later used for the facing of Saint Mary’s University’s McNally Building. Saint Mary’s Boy’s School has not yet been relocated to the south end; Robie and Inglis, for that matter do not yet intersect. In all likelihood, the Gorsebrook Golf Club was still in operation on the site.

Also note that Fort Massey United Church is still Fort Massey Presbyterian Church, and the Atlantic School of Theology is still a Presbyterian seminary.


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