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La Rue Esquermoise, Lille, France

La Rue Esquermoise, Lille, France

64 La Rue Esquermoise, Lille, France.

Given the presence of electric or gas lights on the street but the lack of lack of motor vehicles on the road, I’m willing to suggest that this photo is taken before The First World War. (It would be foolish to get any more precise than that on a guess, though.)

At first, I thought that this was “Postcard No. 64” in a series on Lille. However, one can see that “64” is painted on the building in the immediate foreground on the right side of the photo. I’ve made several cursory checks on Google for some of these place names in this picture (la Taverne du XXième siècle, for instance, or “Olympia Antiquites”, but nothing has come up for Lille. I imagine the passage of time and two wars might account for that.

By the curvature of both the street and the buildings on the right side, as well as the wide expanse of the square or road, there is a chance that this photo was taken at this corner in Lille, looking north-west. However, there is a large “15” marked on a building on the left side of the road, suggesting I may be confusing la Rue Esquermoise with one of its cross-streets. Again, this is all guesswork, so I’ll leave the finer details to some one who actually knows a thing or two about the town.

(wiki Lille) (An Imprecise reference to Lille and Calais at the start of the Great War.)



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