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Sporting Men No. 6

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US Army Enlistment Poster, First World War

US Army Enlistment Poster, First World War

US Army Enlistment Poster, First World War (Click Image to Enlarge).

Text Reads:

WANTED: HUSKY YOUNG AMERICANS, college or university training desirable, though not essential, to tour to Berlin via France and No Man’s Land. A highly democratic organization in which every man begins at the bottom and works up — every opportunity for advancement. Considerable action anticipated en route; none but fighters needs apply. Apply at Room 516 Consumers Building.

It’s a Dare!

The bars are down. You can enlist in the Tank Corps now!

You who have been spoiling for a chance to mix in the big scrap — you who have dreamed of the day when you could go up, over and at’em, here’s the big opportunity.

There’s a lot of strapping nerve and sinew needed in this division right now.

We want men who have learned to use their heads — men who are used to being out in front.

It’s no job for a quitter; for when we’re riding over the trenches and through the wire, scattering the grey Hun line with machine gun bullets, it’s real American spunk we need.

Every man enlists in the U.S. Tank Corps as a private. All commissions are filled from the ranks, and there are more commissioned and non-commissioned officers in the Tank Corps in proportion to its personnel than in any other branch of the service.

Come along if you think you’ll do.

Tank Corps Recruiting Office
1890 E. Street. Washington, D.C.




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June 25, 2008 at 9:32 pm

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  1. Go you huskies!


    June 26, 2008 at 11:12 am

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