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20. Food at Alderney Landing

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Things I did yesterday (Saturday).

1. Went to the MANS Multicultural Fest.  It really should be called the Multicultural Food Fair, but I’m cool with whatever name they give it.  A food fair by any other name is still a food fair.

2.  Watched some one try to break into cars.

3.  Watched a friend get the fuzz to prevent said person from breaking into cars.

4. Watched a lot of people cook various foods i paid to eat.

Things I ate yesterday.

1. Some sort of Portuguese rice-and-tomato-and-meat stew.  it tasted like a cabbage roll, but that was fine with me.

2. Half of a perogie, which reminded of the wicked awesome homemade perogies my dad use to buy from the ukrainian cultural association (or something to that effect) on lakeshore road when i was a kid.  said association built a church on the profits of their sunday perogie sales.

3. Some filipino meat on a stick from Rocky.  i felt a little bad doing this, since rocky’s meat on a stick has always been so accessible in downtown halifax.  all the same, meat on a stick is meat on a stick – you can’t ever go wrong with sticked meat.

3a. (I nearly forgot this one.) Some grape leaves stuffed with cous cous and tomato from a table flying an egyptian flag.  whether they represented the egyptian association of nova scotia or just their own kitchen, i couldn’t care less.   bring on the grape leaves, whatever NPO you are!

4. some lemonaid.

5. a frigging bbq’ed quarter-chicken from the sikh association of nova scotia, for only three frigging dollars.  awesome.

6. a taste of some rice pudding.

7. some sort of curried chickpea concoction from the islamic association of ns.  the accompanying hummus was better than the curry.  but it was all only two bucks, so i didn’t mind.

then i went home and went to sleep.


Written by mitchellirons

June 22, 2008 at 7:44 am

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