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19. Shift out of Luck

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Oh boy…  the Liberals’ Green Tax Shift…. For once, I chuckled at a line attributed to the Tory backbench jerk, Jason Kenney, in response to this recently released plan (read: news item).

Kenney, who some call the Conservative’s Attack Dog, but is more like PM Harper’s lap dog, is known to chew out anything that anyone from an opposing party has to say.  He’s an awful person, really, in that he pays no heed to what other MPs say, suggest, opine or propose, even though those parliamentarians represent Canadians just as he does.  It pisses me off to no end, because just as Kenney has a couple liberals and NDippers (and aghast, even Greens!) in his riding, the MPs whom he attacks also represent tories in their own ridings.  He essentially has no respect for parliamentarians, or even citizens, of other political stripes.  Kenney essentially attacks the parliamentary process, and rejects the notion that (1) representatives of other political parties deserve a voice, and (2) that citizens who voted for other political parties deserve to be heard.  What a bastard.

But this week, he declared that the the new Grit platform, the proposed green tax shift, to be something that will eventually leave us “Shift out of luck”.  And that’s a pretty crafty turn of phrase.  I gotta give props to either Kenney or his handlers on that one.

Anyway, I’ve got some serious issues with the Liberals on this issue.  This is one of those moments that I wish Persons of Interest really did give a damn about these interweb thoughts, and that tories and grits both trolled this site, because they both have a lot to learn by actually keeping an ear to the ground on this issue.  I don’t know much about Dion’s plan, but I know enough about it to know that its claim to being  ‘tax-neutral’ is going to be hogwash, because so much of it is based on income taxes.  Let’s be clear on this, a great number of Canadian citizens pay no income tax (students like me, the retired, the unemployed or underemployed).  Plans which propose to lower income taxes and then increase consumption taxes actually become a tax burden to some one like me.  Those with little to no income have nothing to be lowered when it comes to the income tax, so they have a lot to lose when consumption taxes rise.  This is the standard NDP line about Carbon Taxes and Taxing, and it’s a very good point (for that matter, it’s rather brave of the NDP, who are traditionally green-friendly, to talk this way).  It certainly differentiates the Ndippers from the greens.

But the thing is, as much as I would face a burden (undue or not) by way of Dion’s tax shift, I’m willing to roll with it.  We’ve all gotta work on this one, and I’m willing to wear a sweater sooner in the fall and longer into the spring if it means using less oil or electric to keep my flat warm.  This is where the tories (and the Ndippers) fall flat on the environmental front – in spite of the fact that the general cost of living will rise in this apparently “tax neutral” scheme proposed by Dion, many people will be drawn to it.  It’s a plan that would get shit done.  That should be the Liberal’s campaign slogan this time out:  The Liberals:  Getting Shit Done Since 1867.  Or, The Liberals:  We Get Shit Done.   Because when it comes to the environment and child care and the economy and industry, the tories are falling flat on their faces again and again.

but here’s the problem.  Dion won’t frigging pull the trigger.  The Liberals could get shit done, but they’re too scared to show muscle.  I’m fed up to here with Dion and Dion’s caucus.  Sometimes they want to go to the polls and he doesn’t; other times he was going to strike when the iron was hot but then caucus would demand to wait it out for a bigger scandal.  This is not how one determines the pulse of the nation, and it certainly isn’t the way to get voters fed up enough to want to go to the polls either.  Since the January 2006 election, Harper and his boys (because there are very few girls, we all know) have stayed in a minority position in the polls.  They were stagnant before they ever sat down and proposed a budget. They’re going no where.  If Dion were to even finally find the balls to call out for non-condifence and then miff the election campaign,  he’d in all likelihood end up in the same position as before, opposition in a minority House.  There’s nowhere to go but up for Libs, but they’re sitting there, waiting it out and wasting the time of the nations’s tory-dissenters.  we’re all sitting on the sidelines, tapping our wrist-watches, waiting for thing to get going, and they continue to abstain from votes.

Dion’s got everything to gain here and nothing to lose but his pride and position as leader of the liberals.  The dude is dithering in this respect more than Mr. Dithers, Paul Martin, ever did.  I like Dion, I really do, but what he’s doing is not good for the nation, and it’s certainly not good for the Grits.  His green tax shift, in spite of its warts, is better than what the Tories could propose, but it doesn’t matter because we won’t see anything come of it until at least the fall or even the winter of ’09.  (We’re going to see at least a 3-year Tory minority government here.  Minority! Ridiculous!)  His green plan is great, and so is his dog, Kyoto, but both have gotta shit or get off the pot.  I’m tired or this already.


Written by mitchellirons

June 19, 2008 at 12:42 pm

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  1. You’re right on the money here. Any thoughts on C61 the Copyright Act? Canada’s very own DMCA….

    Rick D

    June 19, 2008 at 1:54 pm

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