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so we decided to stick it out where we are.

The place on North St would have come with too many compromises – offsite laundry; inconvenient grocery runs; a little too small. In spite of its great interior, great landlords, wicked outdoor space, and amazing bus service, we decided that it just wasn’t worth the move. To shift out of here to anywhere else would require us to find a wicked deal somewhere else, and while we found many neat things about this place, we would end up lacking so much of what we have already. And we’re not about to move due to slight disappointments only to find other slight disappointments; that’s just silly.

in other news, i finally went out an bought an airport card and adapter for the G3 iMac. Grampy always had wireless capability, but it required purchasing an adapter on the second-hand market to fit the old ibook airport cards into a desktop. This was standard Apple policy before they developed the spiffy flat-screen imacs – I suppose they assumed (quite rightly, in a sense), that most people with internets back in the late 90s and early 2000s would have a wired ethernet connection, so why bother installing and charging extra for something that would likely not be used? This all made, until we decided to upgrade to the two matching macbooks and airport express router, leaving Grampy in a sad-mac state for a year or two.

It was a crying shame, because this G3 still effing rocks. Get this, its a 2001 blue-imac design, with a G3 500mhz processor, running OS X 10.3 (it came with an 9.2/10.1 install, but we upgraded the software long ago, too). It has 512mb of RAM, but could be upgraded to 2gb if we so desired. The only serious drawback is the low 20gig of HD space, but that could always be upgraded to a max of 120gb internally without worrying about a specific patch for the firmware. This baby is still blazing fast on all accounts. I’m certain that if school didn’t demand us to get down on the laptop business again that we’d still be using Grampy.

(In fact, I’d contend that the G3 imac runs MS Word better than the new Intel macs do. MSWord2004 is a native PowerPC programme, so it has a long bootup/convert time on the intel macs. And the new Word2008 for Mac isn’t all that hot – MS’s Mac site really dropped the ball on that one. Say what you will about Microsoft, but up until Office2008, their Mac Business Unit (aka MBU) was a solid division that put out only top-notch software..)

So, the airport is ordered, and when it arrives, we’re going to use Grampy as a print server. We’re both looking forward to this. Right now, our laser printer must sit near the wireless adapter, which sits in the bedroom, because that’s where the internets comes into the unit. So we’ve got a print station in our bedroom. Its not bad, but it’s not cool, either. In a short time I’ll pull the printer out of the bedroom and put it in a corner in the office. I had hoped to use Grampy iMac as a shared HD for itunes (and possibly iphoto) as well, but my own itunes folder is nearly 17gigs large, and it holds hardly a fifth my of CDs. To share up the imac like that, I’d have to invest in a new HD or an external for it, and we don’t have that kinda cash. Sometime in the future I’ll do it, since this beast still has a lot of life in it. But right now i’m happy just to get the printer out of the bedroom..

the future for Grampy? This will depend on how far the technology will go. I don’t know wireless data rates too well. All I know is that this airport card is 802.11b, and the current airport express runs 802.11n, but is backwards compatible to deal with .11b, so for it will work for what we’re doing now… We are both kinda interested in investing in MacTV in the future, when we have real lives and it is a viable alternative to cable tv in Kanadaland; it would be neat to see if the imac could be a server for that, but I don’t know the backend and the tech for MacTV.. but it would be nice to see Grampy stick kicking it in a worthwhile manner for us for several years yet.. I’d love to see him hit the 10-year-old mark. This guy is as old as some of my friend’s children – oy!

Written by mitchellirons

June 18, 2008 at 9:12 am

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