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The Pineapples and I are suffering from varying degrees of movingitis as of late.  so many friends and lovers and cohorts have moved or are moving away from our street that we (or at least I) are feeling a little lonely.  I may have mentioned this before, and if I have, then so be it.  What’s important is knowing that every now and again, we suddenly act on our constant scans of craigslist and kjjijijijijiji in order to find “something more”.

We’ve come to the conclusion (or at least I’ve come to the conclusion) that there are still nice spots out there, but in order to find a nice spot in our price range, we’d have to sacrifice one thing or another which we have already.  yesterday, for instance, we went and checked out a very nice, but very small 2-bedroom in the north end.  it was quite small, in my opinion, and the living room and the kitchen was the same space.  we could probably get over that, but then we’d have to contend with the lack of laundry on site.  the local laundrymat is only a block away, but i really hate the idea of spending my mornings or afternoons in laundrymats again.  the landlords are wicked people who care more about getting the right tenant to fit their flat **and** their neighbourhood than they are with filling their space, and that’s a very good thing, but then we’d have to contend with being so far away from a grocery store as well.  i can’t help but see one bad thing for every good thing.  part of that is me balancing things out to the point of **canceling out** every good thing around (the realist in me thereby always defeating the idealist, it seems.  so sad).  if i owned a car, then i could deal with those troubles.  but we don’t own a car, and we’re not about to purchase such a beast.  cars are evil bastards that suck all your disposable income (and more) away to Big Oil and vehicle manufacturers.  I refuse to enter into such a relationship.

(sidenote that adds context to some of this neurosis: my dad was basically an indentured servant to one of the Big Three manufacturers his entire life.  Despite his high wage, I still hold a grudge against them.  And really, that high wage should not be attributed to the Company, but to the union.  I’ve got no time for Car companies.)

i think that if i still weren’t a student that i might be able to deal with the place.  we could actually ditch a whole lot of stuff that we own now and live small, which i used to do, quite well.  but i’m afraid that if we were to move in that i’d be living on top of my school work.  it’s a little disconcerting.

i went to sleep last night thinking that we should just hold out and see what comes to market.  we haven’t decided to actually move.  we’ve only decided to keep a serious eye out for what might appear on the rental market.  I know that there are places out there which offer much more space in a 2-bedroom format, at about the same price.  but on the other hand, those places might offer poor landlords or leaky faucets etc etc.

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June 17, 2008 at 8:45 am

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