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15. destruction

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it’s the 83rd minute in the game between the netherlands and italy, and the dutch are destroying the reigning world cup champs, 3-0.  I call that sweet, sweet justice to make of up Materazzi’s provocation of Zizou (leading to the infamous headbutt) nearly two years ago.  the dutch, we are well aware, have fingernails that shine like justice.

the pineapples and i had a bit of a roadtrip today – a roadtrip to the outskirts of cole harbour and back.  today was the day we had to send off Surfer Dude, one of our cats, to the vet for radioactive iodine treatment.  the little guy suffers from hyperthyroidism, and just as one can treat hyperthyoridism in people with a touch of iodine-131, one can do the same with our feline friends.  had we have known this, i would have put a lot more salt in his diet years ago.  Salt is iodized for the prevention of goiters (another thyoid-related monstrosity), so maybe adding a little salt-meat to the diets of the other critters in the household will be good for them. an ounce of prevention is a pound of something or other, so they say.

we were very impressed with the vet, by the way.  First, just like us, he called the cat “little dude”, by his own volition! this was a very good thing.  the pineapples and I tend to call most everyone “dude,” so we caught on to the vet’s own nicknames for manimals.  His office (and the office space) was  also incredibly professional compared to our other office, as well.  Petworks does not have cat wallpaper on the walls, nor does it have “cats are little angels living on earth” posters on its walls.  Basically, Petworks understands that many cat owners are not grandmothers.  Oh yes, and neither was the vet patronizing to us.  He saw us (and said he assumes most pet owners to be) informed individuals who are concerned for their manimals, as opposed to cat owners who always neglect their animals.  Righteous.  If we owned a car, we’d definitely make him our everyday vet.

(in case you are curious: the cat will be quarantined for 7 days, and then we must be a little careful with his litter for a week after that.  but so long as we decide not to have babies in the next month, and so long as the dude decides not to vomit in our mouths, we’ve got nothing to worry about with the radioactive iodine.)

(oh yes, and the fact that the treatment is called RAI – also the name of the italian satellite network available in canada – was not lost on me on this important euro match day.)

After leaving the surfer dude with the vet, we took a drive into bedford for a visit to the chicken burger.  the pineapples was anxious that i try a chickenburger because apparently it’s something all locals have ate since 1832, or at least since the days that joe howe brought Democracy! to nova scotia.  myself, i took the trip as an opportunity to scope out places for roadsigns for my eventual marketing campaign for Gay Bedford!.  If Halifax wants to really capture the tourist market, then Mayor Peter Kelly must re-grow and groom that Freddy Mercury moustache and turn Bedford into Canada’s greatest gay community.  We’ll have to hold our own White Party at the sunnyside mall, of course.  At any rate, spaces were noted in my mind for the future and the chickenburger was okay.  then the day grew hot, so we took off back for the peninsula, feasting on choco-covered coffee beans to keep us going.

so that’s that. a day in the life, with very little soccer-watching and no school-work related business to report.  i do have some papers to mark this evening, but i’ll worry about that when the sun goes down and time runs out with my deadlines.


Written by mitchellirons

June 9, 2008 at 3:58 pm

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  1. you forgot bulk barn! (which you are still enjoying vis a vis the chocolate covered coffee beans). Also, I’ve never called the cat surfer dude. little dude, yes. surfer dude, no. just wanted to clarify that for your readers.


    June 10, 2008 at 2:04 pm

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