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what’s your favourite album of all time? i must settle on Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1 by the likes of Brian Eno and U2. Most people generally consider this to be a U2 album, and for the most part I refer to it as such. But its sounds are so far removed from any other U2 text (even from its bookends, Zooropa and Pop) due to the influence of their producer and collaborator that it really ought to be considered as a stand-alone piece. Anyway, U2’s Zooropa comes up as a close second in the favourite album roll-call, as does Radiohead’s OK Computer. All three play on a pomo theme of the self/society-emptied-of-its-angst. Each album is incredibly poignant in expressing their hollowness. I didn’t properly identify any of this until five or six years after all their releases (it takes a while for most titles to grow on me – more on that later), but they stick to my psyche now. What’s interesting though is that I don’t really think of them as early-to-mid-90s releases (Christ, Zooropa is 15 years old now!) but later-90s releases, when I really began to understand them for what they mean (or meant). (I have large-scale essays in mind for this topic and these albums. Some of you have already been unwittingly briefed with rough drafts in email conversations.)

at any rate, I’m listening to Zooropa right now to purge the system of yesterday’s “hard day at the office”. i’m back to doing a little restaurant work to carry my way through the summer, and oh dude did i forget how frakking back-breaking it can be at times. i’m beat today, psychologically and physically. i’m out of training of course, but that still doesn’t make the state of my weary bones are less wearisome. when it comes to this messy business (and it is messay), I should have been put out to pasture long ago. right now i’m just counting down the weekends to the end – from 16 to zero. The countdown hasn’t properly begun per se, but i’m already down to sub-12, which is good in that respect. The flip side to that countdown is that it almost aligns itself with the countdown on the thesis. yikes. i have a lot to say on that, but i’d rather not talk about the pain and grief that it accords. you’ve all heard it all before, if not from me, if not from the pineapples, then from some other person. it just doesn’t end. ever. and it never is what you wanted or expected. sometimes they say that working on a thesis is like carrying a child – it’s your baby you’re working on. Hells no!, I say. if that frakking thing is a baby, then it ain’t no child of mine. If a thesis is a baby, then i’m as sure as hell to be Rosemary.


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June 8, 2008 at 9:01 am

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