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14. la guerre

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i’m sitting down, post-work, watching the germany poland game (69th minute, 1-0, Germany). The Pineapples is convinced i should be drinking beer and eating chips because “it just sounds like something some one should do when watching these things.” i’m not entirely certain if she means watching soccer, watching tv, watching a germany-poland game, or just watching-watching. either-or, i’ll hold off on the chips and beer for some other time.

i’ve been considering one of my internet projects this weekend. i’m really enjoying my daily searches for neato-looking images for several of the images have been sitting on my hard drive for some time (the first goya, for instance – saturn eating his young – is one of the first things i looked on the internet after the Calamitous Hard Drive Crash of Dec’06), while others took a bit of work. there are definitely some broad themes running through this small collection of images. i knew when i started that they’d be eurocentric – it’s hard for me to avoid that. i was also aware that as much as i’d try, i’d have a hard time accomplishing an appropriate gender balance; i’m a little bothered that everything so far cites men. what didn’t occur to me, however, was just how geared toward war the project would be. i had aimed aimed to mix up some high and low and popular culture in collection, but that was my only intentional design. the more i consider things to post or recall what has been posted, however, the more i must sadly confront just how much our culture has been affected by war.

in some ways i should understand this fact. i’ve reflected too often on this in my own academic writing. but the fact that it has a residual effect in this silly little venture reveals how important war and suffering is to understanding ourselves..

(post-script: rough notes is not dead. rough notes just requires a lot of time to work on.)


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June 8, 2008 at 3:28 pm

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