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so the money is rolling in (soon). I picked up more piecemeal work for the summer, marking my number of short 16-week jobs at three. this one seems like a real deal, though, ranging somewhere around twenty pesos an hour for ten hours a week through the rest of the term, followed up by similar contracts every term thereafter until either i give up or they do. i’ll take it. it pay, good pay, and its not reported. we’ve already run afoul with the tax man already, but at this point they couldn’t take anything from us since we’ve got nothing to give, so i’ve given up being concerned. our main concern for the past couple months has been how to feed ourselves – while there will be another two or of that to worry about, things are finally beginning to look up. I’ll give the CCRA a call out cupboards are stocked once more. yes.

in other news, it was finally over twenty degrees today. hopefully tomorrow will be the same. yes.

and finally, in other (final?) news, the canadian soccer world is abuzz because we lost only by one goal to the brazilians, 3-2, in a friendly this past weekend. that’s real progress. interesting. i’ll continue to watch other national teams, i think.

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June 2, 2008 at 7:41 pm

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