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10. oy! TFC and cunningham destroy Galaxy 2-0

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10. oy! TFC and cunningham destroy Galaxy 2-0

so i got to watch yesterday’s TFC-Galaxy game in its entirety after all, and damn was it fine. Of course, both teams were depleted of some big names due to international friendlies (beckham, we’re all aware, but also Landon Donovan with a pulled groin on the Galaxy side, and notably Amado Guevara for Toronto), but the game was still a freaking treat to watch. I still hold by my current opinion that Soccer (football?) is way more fun to watch that Hockey can ever be nowadays – fewer stoppages, hardly any commercial breaks, and a fan base that sings to the team (as opposed to an arena sound system that belts out elton john to an apathetic crowd). Let’s just say I’m hooked. Compared to last year, Toronto FC’s great performance makes it easy to keep up as well – I must admit I may not watch as much if I had to wait two months for a win or tie.

one of the best things about Toronto’s side, though, are the names of some of their players. Aside from Amado Guevara, which is just fun to say, we’ve got Englishman Rohan Ricketts and the young american upstart, Maurice Edu. Seriously dudes, how can you not cheer on a team with a player called “Ricketts”? and Edu is just easy to read, easy to say, easy on the brain.

anyway, i was searching high-and-low for some highlights of the game (this one is for the two Wills), and was happy to see that the MLS does license out highlights to Youtube like the NHL does. There’s no need to register for highlights on the MLS website, which is a good thing. As the Pineapples says, the less passwords, the better. The highlight package comes from FSN (Fox Sportsnet), so we don’t get the beautiful understatement of the CBC’s Nigel Reed (the FSN peeps could take a couple pointers from this fellow), but the goals are still there. Look for the header by rookie Julius James at the 49th minute (2:03 in the clip) – off of a Ricketts free kick.. But the real fun is the wicked goal by Jeff Cunningham at the 65th minute (2:37 in the clip). Cunningham eventually got a yellow-card for his post-goal antics (for throwing the ball into the stands), but he has reason to be happy, given the amount of time he’s spent on the bench this year. (his wife is preggers, too, which explains the ball-in-shirt thing).


in other news,the Pens lost to the Wings last night. Team Sidney seems just too small to compete against the wings. Sadness.

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June 1, 2008 at 9:16 am

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