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9. Killing time

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9. killing time.

i’m killing fifteen spare minutes before running off to shower and then to work.  it appears that i may miss out on the toronto fc game this afternoon, given the timing of my shift at the restaurant, but there’s a chance i’ll catch the last half.  this isn’t so bad, since david beckham is missing from LA Galaxy’s lineup.  becks has got the call to show for his country in an exhibition against trinidad and tobago this weekend, so he’s had to skip out on a TFC game in Toronto again.  oy.  there’s always youtube for those maniacs in the stands, i guess.  (nb: i’ve kinda given up on hockey, i think.  it such a massive advertising production.  i cant’ stand sitting there, constantly hearing that the next 30 seconds or minute is brought to me by Ford, Esso, Labatt’s or Mikita.)

Speaking of work.  there’s a good chance we may not be so poor this summer after all.  it looks like i may actually pick up a marking position by way of the department at school and its connections – nothing is for certain yet, but i hope to have sorted it out by the end of the weekend.   if i do get this position, i don’t think i’ll give up on the restaurant, though.  they did me a favour again this summer, so i don’t want to bail on them so suddenly.  i can also control my schedule quite a bit there (they understand just how little i can work), and, the money they can offer me may come in handy in September and October.  Ultimately, there’s too much up in the air regarding our income in the fall to completely bail on them, however much i’d like to do so.

and also speaking of work, i think the online esl tutoring thing is not a scam after all.  i may be able to score a hundred bucks a month out of the process by not doing very much at all, so we may be able to eat dairy again… some time soon.  it would be great if this could turn into a permanent on-the-side slush fund, when the time comes when we can buy whatever we want at the ASS, and i can pocket this cash for race registrations or beer money (the two options are not necessarily mutually exclusive).


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May 31, 2008 at 9:01 am

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