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5. god bless the infesticons

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5. god bless the infesticons

today was filled with remembrances and goodbyes. the downstairs neighbours moved away after three fun-filled years of intermittent neighbouring (they were always coming and going, as were we). the Pineapples and I felt a little rough by the ordeal – we are usually the ones to move away, and though other downstairses have come and gone before, this one was definitely a little more permanent given the distance of their move out of town. i cringed slightly at the thought that some people were moving faster than me (don’t ask me to elaborate), but even moreso at the realization that I’ve moved away from so many others in the past that it was perhaps my turn to feel the sense of loss as opposed to the sense of moving on (up).

on the remembrance side of things, i also had to go to work at the restaurant for the first time in eight months today. they’re always happy to take me back, but i never want to return. i remember (if not know) the place far too well for some one my age – i’m never a fan of working somewhere i should have stopped working so long ago. working there turns my stomach inside out. on the other hand, it is very nice to see some new people who are happy to see me for the first time in months and want to ask how i’m doing as opposed to how my thesis is going. i’ve been wrapped up in school for so long now that i sometimes go a-lot stir crazy (as opposed to a-little stir crazy), so here’s hoping that waiting on a person’s every needs while he or she eats seafood for the first time ever will be a socially fufilling, and psychologically relaxing time.

finally, i’ve set something up where i’m to tutor ESL students online. Part of me wonders if I’ve entered into an online scam. on the other hand, i really need the cash. they don’t pay as well as they could, but right now i’ll take whatever i can get my hands on.


Cloudy, 7°; Winds ENE 4 km/h


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May 24, 2008 at 9:26 pm

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