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4. 10k in the park and the Nike+ chip

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4. 10k in the park and Nike+

I ran 10km in the park yesterday, doing six laps on the hill. At least, I think it was 10km. I dug out my old Nike+ sensor for my ipod and started working with it again. I know that a lot of people complain about its inaccuracy (or its imprecision, depending on if you want to split hairs). The way I see it, though, the Nike+ system is 1/10th the cost of an actual GPS system, and since I’m hardly a real competitive runner, I’m willing to put up with some added or missed kms along the way.

Besides, when i ran the 2007 Bluenose Half-marathon last year, the Nike+ chip clocked my run at 21.86km, which is as close to 21.1km as you can get, really, so I’m cool with it. I ought to re-calibrate it, just to be on the safe side, but the numbers generally always fall within the range, so I don’t worry much about it. It’s a lot like my scale at home – the Pineapples and I know full-well that it inaccurate, but it is always inaccurate in the same manner, so we can still gauge our weight. All measurements are relative to an established, yet arbitrary system – therefore, so long as the (in)accuracy itself doesn’t change the measurement itself remains readable. But like I said, this little sucker, in my mind, is incredibly precise, so I’m willing to cheer it on whenever possible.

Anyway, I ran a little more than 10km in 57minutes, which is hardly a personal best, but the strain of the hill would destroy any chance of besting a my high-water mark of 10km in 52′. The circuit I take, according to the Gmaps Pedometer function, has 6 repeats of a treacherous hill clocking in at about 1.1km – the hill itself is likely a little more than 400m, with the loop back down a little more than 600m. The rest of my 10k is a run into and out of the park. I can’t stand that run to Point Pleasant. It is only about 2.5k to the starting point of my loops on the dirt and clay trails, but my 30-year-old hockey-weakened knees take a killing on the sidewalk. The start of any run is the hardest part, I know, but every time I head out on concrete or asphalt I declare that run to be the last time I’ll ever put on the gear and test myself.

the Gmaps pedometer 6-loop course.

my Nike+ stats on the run.

In other news: I’m sitting in the library in downtown Halifax, waiting for 1:01PM to occur. The word on the street is that one of the major grocery chains will be handing out a bags of swag on Spring Garden Road. The Pineapples and I aren’t big fans of this chain (these reasons move from valid to arbitrary, but we hold by them), but when it comes to free groceries, we’re there. The Poor Student Lifestyle is kicking us hard, and any sort of free food is good food. i think we aren’t going to the food banks only to save that food for people who don’t have a shot in hell at the good times that we’re sure will one day grace our lives. It’s not really pride that stopping us, but more of a catholic guilt – that food-bank-food is for the truly unfortunate, and that these 18 months of despair are bound to end soon. So in the mean time we’ll take the free food swag from the corporate giant and leave the donated canned good to other souls. we’re good people, we really are.


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