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3. cool ocean winds

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3. cool ocean winds

i do a lot of running in halifax’s point pleasant park. it’s got a great, compact system of trails that meander up and down hills as well as around the (relatively) flat perimeter of the space. I think the perimeter run is about 3.5km, but the sheer number of paths inside make for an inordinate number of routes one can run on; you can make your run as easy or difficult or as long or short as you like it to be.

one thing i can’t control in the park, however, is the goddamn wind that comes off the north atlantic. in spite of the fact that it is late may, halifax was graced with a 6°C temperature this morning. 6° is just about warm enough to run outside in shorts and a shell jacket, so I can make do at that temperature without grumbling or complaining too much. but that doesn’t mean i’m not allowed to make a case against the frakking wind that chills the world around you at the bottom of the peninsula.

Halifax is wet. It sits on a craggy shore on the north atlantic, somewhat protected from the serious currents and winds, but not enough to make the springs warm or pleasant. It is always wet and always windy in march-april-may-june. anyone living out here either lives with that fact, or moves away. still, my heart always drops when i head outside in may and find icicles on the trees. running in the park this morning was a gruesome travesty of justice – the winds coming off the water froze all the rain to the frakking trees. and there i was doing laps in it all. not cool. well, frozen, yes. but still not cool.

there is one fairly straight, and steep, path in the park. The locals will be aware of this one – its base sits on the Northwest Arm, and then it moves directly up to the Martello Tower that was built to protect the Park’s batteries when the park was actually a fortress back in the day. I’ve heard this hill named both “Cardiac Hill” and “Hill of Butt Death”, but for me it’s just the steep hill I run laps on. On the course of a normal run, I’ll run up this hill either six or eight times (two reps of either three or four), but the wind this morning was so frigging cold at the top of the climb that my legs were chilled to a blistering red by the second run. Fearing chafing (we can deal with the cold, but not the chafing, yes we can), I cut the run short at three runs this morning and headed home cursing the goddamn maritime climate i live in.

of course, i normally love to run in the rain, but i’m also normally dressed for the occasion. the problem was wearing the godforsaken running shorts (read: bill-clinton-shorts) this morning. one can’t win with that little polyester when you live at the 44th parallel.

Written by mitchellirons

May 21, 2008 at 3:09 pm

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