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2. doing

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2. doing
or: “what i used to do, what i did, and what i’m doing now.”

i used to run, a lot. i was never a competitive runner, and never did i run for a track team, a rowing club, a sport, a school, an armed force or contracted agents of change. but i did run. a lot. i used to run five to six days a week for 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the weather or my mood.

i’ve also run in a couple races and have worn the bib and the chip and have been clocked and timed and my stats are all over the internet and can be found if you know where they are and know where they look. the stats aren’t stellar, because i’m not a competitive runner. i used to run a 4:50km (with a 4:30 sprint), but i would normally stick to a 5:40/km pace when running. that’s because i like to run long distances, so i never felt the need to go fast. it’s not a case of “slow and steady wins the race” because there wasn’t really ever a race except myself. running was (and is) a way to test my body, to see how far it can go, as opposed to how fast. it’s a different measurement, and it’s one that i like.

then, i stopped running. i didn’t really have the time to run the way i wanted to run. running long distances (15-25km) once or twice a week, with mid-range jogs (8-10km) for the rest of the days is time-consuming. Running was interfering with an already busy schedule. I also grew bored with it.

this winter, i coaxed a couple people to run in a the charity relay of the Halifax Bluenose Marathon (10 runners x 4.22km = 42.2km = 1 marathon). i figured i could find the time to at least run at least 4.2km. and i had been trying to convince some of these friends to take up running for some now. i did find the time for the run. i wasn’t too happy training for it, though. i was out of shape relative to my typical form, and still has to cope with the boredom factor. but run it i did. after a winter of hardly any training, i ran the 4.2km in just under 23minutes, for about a 5:45/km pace – nearly one minute over my old regular time. this was a bit of a downer initially, but i clued in by the end of the day that i managed my long-run pace on a day i should have been sprinting, but that I hardly ever sprinted, and that even though the 1 minute difference in pace is large, it’s relatively easy to fix at this level (i.e. going from 5:45 to 4:45 is a lot easier than say, 4:50 to 3:50). I clued in that however far I may be off from my old game, that i wasn’t too far off from fixing it. So, like Alexei Kovalev in the fall of 2007, I decided to go for it again. I’m pretty proud of how i used to run, and i’m going to get it back. i’m going to take it back from the shadowy confines of past time.

so today, the day after the 4.2km, i went out in the pouring rain and ran for 90+ minutes in Point Pleasant Park. and i loved every single fricking minute of it. call it a second baptism if you must deal with such metaphors, but i did find myself and my legs again this morning in point pleasant park. i forgot how fun it is to push one’s self to extremes. so long as i remain in halifax, i’m going to look for those rain storms and run right through them.


note1. Dal’s track team has probably the best maps and routes in Point Pleasant. Check out their page for more info. I promise that Point Pleasant is not full of track stars.


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May 19, 2008 at 2:24 pm

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