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i am finished my course work, and my obligations to mark papers as a TA.  All i’ve got left to do now is the godforsaken thesis.

Regarding the thesis, the Department offers a timeline to students to help us stay on top of things.  The 9th of April is marked “Classes End.  Begin work full-time work on the thesis as soon as possible.”  Of course, just because classes end doesn’t mean that we can start full-time work (hence “as soon as possible”) – there is often a couple days, up to  week, of handing in your last papers.

That didn’t work out for me though.  This term, every one of my professors extended the term by a week so they could all take off to conferences in sunny climates (Mexico and Australia).  This means that classes didn’t even end me until the frigging 16th, and my last deadline was this morning (*).  While other students are already on to their second chapters, I’m only getting started again on my own work.  I don’t want to complain too much about this, because the end of the term is rough on everyone (it’s all relative, to a certain degree), but I’m a little pissed off by all of this.  I’d hate to make it sound like I’m passing the buck about this situation, but I’ve essentially been sent up the creek without the paddle.  And now the committees have come a-knockin’, wondering where the hell my draft is.  Eff that, dudes.  I’m done with jumping through their hoops.

Christ.  Just because I’ve never taken a course in economics doesn’t mean I won’t notice when things don’t add up.  This scale is **way off**.

(* – There is only one other student who was enrolled in the same courses as me this term.  But she didn’t have first-year papers marks at all because she wisely turned down the TA position.)

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April 28, 2008 at 1:47 pm

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