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Things learned and affirmed

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Things I have learned and affirmed this year (by class):

1. Milton really does suck; Milton critics strive to be Old White Men.

2. Henry James really is that dull; James critics have repressed their sexuality nearly as much as James did; QT has James to thank for its very existence (adjunct to No.5)

3. CanLit is actually pretty cool, when you’re willing to talk about issues such as sex, racism, native rights, sex, and the publishing industry as opposed to nature and the canadian shield.

4. Shakespeare can’t be reconciled with Aristotle, no matter how hard the Professor tries; nonetheless, Aristotle’s Poetics actually does make a whole lot of sense.

5. Queer Theory rocks your socks, but Queer Psychoanalysis (a different subject altogether) is so bad I want to reject all notions of “queerness”; Mulholland Drive is a rather provocative film, but it will fuck up your mind and radically change your understanding of the world if you subject it to a Lacanian mirror-stage analysis;


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April 20, 2008 at 8:38 am

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